Did you know?   Or maybe you should!

A pick-up truck loaded is too much weight for a typical driveway, damage won't show for years.

                                                                                                      A Little About Radon

So, you're buying a house and have a radon concern. First, it's not that big of a deal as the environmental companies would have you believe. Second, most of the Detroit metro area really has no problems with radon. However, as we travel west, closer to Ann Arbor, we do have an unacceptable higher levels of radon gases.  Although, homes in these areas usually have radon migrating systems in place. 

Third, the local municipality and/or State has radon testing thought-out the State, they should have a radon maps, you could review. 

Fourth, so, you have an elevated radon count, worst case scenario; you'll need to install a subfloor depressurization (radon) system, it may cost you up to $1200+.  If the house is in an area where no radon levels have been discovered, we discourage testing and/or we recommend the buyers conduct the testing themselves after closing,  buy the test kits for about $20. Worst case scenario, if you have an elevated reading, again up to $1200+. 

Household- Construction type caulking has an expiration date on some of them. Especially, the environmentally safe. They will not cure or dry. Will remain sticky and loose.

Basement and crawl space dampness - seepage, in most cases, need not cost you your retirement savings. An Inspector can tell you what's causing it, and usually the remedies and costs to correct .

Try to avoid waterproof companies and their free basement inspection.

Does your lights dims when you turn a large appliance or anything else on, or when the wind blows?

​Get an Electrician to inspect your electrical system

Remember: your entry doors and windows are your FIRE EXITS. Keep them clear in case....

Stay away from interior basement waterproof systems. It's a bandage and we do not water water penetrating thru our concrete walls.  In most cases, good gutters and grading to shed water from the foundation will correct it.

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Never apply waterproof covering or paint to your basement concrete walls...  You do not want to hold moisture-water in concrete. It  will break down the concrete.

Be Kind! "Your Good Deeds are remembered forever".

You NEED to have 2 types of smoke detectors a photoelectric and ionized, or a dual sensor. Add a CO detector. Keep you family safe...

Average life on a furnace is 18-20 yrs.

Average life in an A/C unit is 12-14 yrs.

Should be able to get 25 yrs on each.

Guess why we don't?  You're probably right!