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Manufactured (Mobile) Inspections

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About Us and Our Services......       Michigan Home Inspectors

In 1981, Jim started as a real estate investor and a Rehab Construction Co. About 1990, the Home Inspection business started to gain ground here in Michigan. So, he decided to change to a Home & Building Inspection Co. in 1993.  Jim and our Inspectors are Michigan Residential Builders (licensed)

Our  Inspection Services Include, but not limited too:

1. Residential: Home, Condos, Apartment Bldg, Manufactured

    (mobile homes), and Construction Inspections.

2. Commercial Inspection, retail, office and warehouses.

3. HUD-MSHDA HQS Inspections, FHA-VA and Mortgage  


4. Homeowner's Maintenance Inspections-Gives you the condition of your

   home, maintenance and repairs that are required.

5. Seller's Inspections. Let's you know what to expect from the city or home inspection.

6. Purchaser's Home Inspections

7. Environmental Surveys.
8. Energy Surveys, NOW FREE  (a $39.00 value)  with H.I.

9. Limited, Partial, we will design the Inspection you need.

10. Basement Dampness/Seepage Inspection: Before calling

     a  waterproof contractor.

Our Comprehensive Inspections include up to 1200-1400 items, systems, methods and

conditions. From the top of the chimney (if there's one) to the foundation: Structure,

foundation, basement, plumbing, water heater, electrical, furnace-air, the quality and

conditions of the major systems. Kitchen, interior, windows, doors, exterior covering,

roof coverings, driveway, walkways, garages and grounds. Out-buildings extra fee.

Maintenance will also be discussed, but is not part of the inspection.

The Inspection Report is issued at the end of the Inspection in most cases.

Call right now and speak with Jim, he will answer any questions you may have. 

Purchasing a home is a big step and you don't want to step off a cliff...

                            We are fully insured to protect our clients.